Enjoy Valentine’s Day: Shop Local for Chocolate, Ice Cream and Gin

Heart shape cut into a hedge

Valentine’s day is one of those days you either love or hate.  As someone who can recite lines from Pride and Prejudice having watched the boxset  (Colin Firth version) more times than I care to admit – I am an unreconstructed romantic and proud of it.  So I can’t ignore Valentine’s day.   But putting aside all the commercialisation of the day and the obligatory flowers and chocolate, why not shop local this year.  Here’s some ideas from my current list of favourites in the Scottish Borders: chocolate, or maybe ice cream or even gin.

Chocolate, Ice Cream and Gin 

The Scottish Borders has a growing band of award winning food and drink producers (check out the Scottish Borders Food Network website) and of course there are many great producers just over the border in Northumberland too.   Amongst my favourites for chocolate are Cocoa & Black In Peebles, Kiki’s Chocolates in Coldingham, Campbells Fudge  at Tweedsmuir or Curly Coo Tablet in Kelso.

Ice Cream

Last time we were in Rome we took a food tour and learned a lot about what makes a great gelato.  So Gelato from Giacoppazis or ice cream from Doddingtons Dairy, are definitely on my list.


And finally to the gin.  Well I’m working my way through the Gin in the book I got for Christmas. But these two Gins are too new to be in any book.  Crow Man’s Gin from the Kelso Gin Company, available online or at Rutherfords Micropub in Kelso.  The crowdfunded Liliards Gin, located at Born in the Borders  will be available very soon (and yes I did contribute).  Served of course with Fentimans from just across the Border in Northumbria. But to my list of drinks I must add my all time favourite (non-alcoholic) apple juice from the truely amazing Cuddybridge Apple Juice.

Whatever you decide to buy your loved one, please support your local producers and businesses not just today but every day of the year.  Shop local.




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