40 favourite walks in the Scottish Borders

 The Scottish Borders: 40 Favourite Walks cover
While I was checking some details for my post earlier in the month on my favourite walking guides, I discovered a new one.  So I ordered it up and I’m sharing it with you.  It’s another great pocket sized publication from pocket mountains, 40 favourite walks in the Scottish Borders by Robbie Porteous.  The walks cover  5 areas in the Scottish Borders:


  • Berwickshire and the East Coast
  • Upper Tweed Valley
  • Ettrick and Yarrow
  • Melrose, Kelso and Jedburgh
  • Around Hawick and Liddesdale
You can choose from walks around 2 hours up to about 4 hours depending on how much time and energy you have.  Each walk description has a map, the terrain, distance, OS co-ordinates and how to access the walk.  The text gives a good description of each walk, along with a guide to what you’ll see along the way – nature, landmarks and history.  I’ve had a good read and so I’ve added a few walks to my list for this year.  And I could have added more, but I have quite a few other things planned for the summer months.  These are all walks I had heard about,  but I’d never quite got around to finding out more about them – so thanks Robbie.  Here’s what I’ll be walking this summer:


  • Ring of St Mary
  • Minch Moor and the Cheese Well
  • Edins Hall Broch (i’ve been meaning to do this one for a long time)
  • Cove to Siccar Point (made famous by the father of geology, James Hutton)
  • Broughton Heights (after my visit to the John Buchan museum in Peebles, I’m keen to tread in his footsteps)
And you’ll know if I’ve actually got round to doing them, because I’ll be blogging about them.
Enjoy your walking this summer and let us know what your favourite walks in the Scottish Borders are – and send us some pictures too.

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