The Scottish Gin Quiz: Just 4 Questions to Find Your Fave


Glass of gin to announce Scottish Gin Quiz

The Gin Room is officially launching The Scottish Gin Quiz on World Gin Day, the 10th June, and we want to give you a head’s up! The first of its kind, The Scottish Gin Quiz links Scottish Gins by several factors such as location, flavour profile, garnish, awards, processes, sustainability, and so on.  The Scottish Gin Quiz is a completely independent project with no influence from brands and distilleries.

Just 4 Questions

There’s been a  huge increase in the number of Gin Makers in the past year, all competing for your attention.  It’s about time there was a platform for unbiased, independent advice, to make it easy to find great Gins.  The Gin Room Scotland website and Quiz  is the easiest way to find your next Favourite.  It covers location, flavour profile, garnish, awards, processes, sustainability and use of local botanicals.  With just 4 Questions, The Scottish Gin Quiz gives the Scottish Gin Fan an unbiased recommendation on the perfect Gin for them to try.  All of Scotland’s 65 producers are represented in the Quiz, making it easy to discover new distilleries as well as appreciate the well-known favourites.

50% Growth in Scottish Gin Makers

The Scottish Gin Industry has seen the number of Gin Makers increase by over 50% in the last year.  Forecasts suggest  the industry will increase by 15% year-on-year until 2020.  With so many product launches and Gin Makers competing for attention, a independent platform for Gin fans is long overdue.

The Gin Room

The Scottish Gin Quiz has been meticulously researched and built by Jayne Carmichael Norrie, the Founder of The Gin Room, a community of Gin fans with over 11k followers on various social platforms and growing. Jayne is a regular contributor to The Scotsman Food & Drink as a Scottish Gin specialist and recently presented some of her research at the Elevator ‘What’s after Gin?’ Event for North East Business Week.  Her claim to fame is that she  once made Jeremy Irons a cup of tea.

Lilliard Gin

Here’s what Gin Room Scotland said about one of our local gins recently.

Lillliard is quite a floral Gin, with a really smooth mouthfeel.  The first batches were created at the start of the year and demand has grown considerably.  Lilliard Gin distillery is in a converted farm steading, part of the ‘Born in the Borders’ complex that also houses a brewery, restaurant & shop, and is open for visitors.  They offer pre-arranged visits and monthly gin tasting events at weekends and ‘ad-hoc’ opening hours by request.  There are a lot of collaborative events by Born in the Borders and Lilliard.  Check out their Facebook page @lilliarddistillery or call 01835 830 784 for more info on booking tours.

So on World Gin Day make sure you sample not just Lilliards but the fabulous  Kelso Gin.  I’ll be in Northumberland on the 10th June sampling some of their local gins.  Happy Gin Day.


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