Great Books & Bookshops in the Scottish Borders for World Book Day

World Book Day is today, so I thought I would remind you of what we have on offer in the Scottish Borders on books and bookshops.  There is nothing nicer than curling up on the sofa with a good book and a large cup of tea.  We have plenty choice for you below on the Scottish Borders.

Bookshops, coffee and children

Book lovers should follow The Border Book Trail.  At any time of year a trip to Mainstreet Trading; A Bookshop, with Coffee and Much More is my idea of heaven.  Look out for their programme of events and the very cute book bus.  Head to Bookworm; a small (but perfectly formed) bookshop for children in Selkirk for story time and a wonderful range of children’s books.

Books to read before you come to the Scottish Borders

You can’t avoid walking if you come to the Scottish Borders.  The whole place just draws you out  into the great outdoors.  Don’t forget to take your camera.  There will be great birds and wildlife to snap as well as beautiful hills and amazing skies.  Head to Scott’s View for some amazing pictures any time of the year of the Eildon Hills and surrounding countryside.  It’s such a great view even the amateur photographer can get a great picture.  So here’s our 5 Best Walking Guides for the Scottish Borders.  This is a great one to start with, 40 favourite walks in the Scottish Borders, as it has walks for all levels of enthusiasm.

Sir Walter Scott

Sir Walter Scott of Abbotsford had  a strong influence on shaping how Scott’s see themselves today.  In Scott-Land, The Man who Invented a Nation, learn how he made it fashionable to wear tartan again and put Scotland back on the map with the rest of the UK.  A visit to his house at Abbotsford , near Melrose on the banks of the River Tweed is special.  Sir Walter was proud of his heritage and a great collector of all things Scottish. He was also a lover of the Border Folk Tales and collected and published many.   The  Folk Tales of the Scottish Borders is a great book to get you started.

On World Book Day and every day we encourage you to buy your books locally wherever you are.  But make sure you visit some of ours too when you’re here.  We have some fantastic ones to offer.  Why not join us in the Borders 15th-18th June for the Borders Book Festival and a stunning line up of authors.

What am I reading on World Book Day?  John Buchan and at the end of April I’ll be walking  The John Buchan Way.  Hope to see you there.

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