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Sun dipping over Cauldhshiels Loch

Cauldshiels Loch, Jim Gordon

The very lovely photographer Jim Gordon made me an offer I couldn’t refuse a few weeks back.  The offer was to use his photo’s for free on my blog to promote our shared interest in the beautiful Scottish Borders.   So it got me thinking that there might be lots more people out there with a passion for the Borders who’d also like to contribute.  Being a one woman show is great, but I miss working with and collaborating with others on a regular basis.

Writers Wanted

So I’m looking for talented writers who’d be interested in submitting articles [unfortunately, uncompensated for now] on any aspect of life in the Scottish Borders that would spread the word.  Topics could include: Border towns and villages; history, archaeology and heritage; culture;  books; food;  events of all kinds; cycling; walking; the outdoors and much more.

Featuring Local Businesses

I’d also like to start a feature on local businesses along the lines of a typical working day, so please let me know if you would be interested in being featured.  All that requires is a short interview with a set of questions I will send you in advance.  You would need to provide images and graphics or video that you’ve created yourself.

What are we looking for


People who want to share their knowledge of the Scottish Borders.  I’d love to find 4-5 contributors, each specializing in a different area, who love what they do!


Blog posts! Original (never used before) posts with helpful content, pretty pictures (high quality photos are a must). You would need to provide images and graphics or video that you’ve created yourself.   You will be credited as the writer.

How Often?

Minimum of one post per month, ideally for at least six months.  But if you just want to write one piece we would still be delighted.

If you’re interested or want to talk about this more please email me at stephanie@thetwobees.co.uk, with your ideas.  Please pass this onto anyone you think might be interested.  If you have any other ideas for collaboration please do get in touch.

You can find more of Jim Gordon’s pictures on Twitter @jimgordon46 and buy prints on Ebay jimgordon2010.

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